Basement Rehab specializes in basement waterproofing, new foundations, foundation repairs, egress windows, sump pumps, expansion joints, crawl space encapsulations, floors, steps, stoops, new entryways, concrete removal, waterproof flooring, foundation piers, joist repair, etc.

 Crawlspace Encapsulations 

We recommend sealing and insulating the crawl space and covering the ground with a polyethylene vapor barrier, or even a concrete slab.



Sometimes, an exterior entrance is what is needed to access your basement. Perfect for exiting in emergencies!



We can install steel structural supports beams to support your foundation against further movement. We guarantee that your foundation will be stable for the life of your home.

 Wall Moisture Barrier 

We install wall moisture barriers to capture all water leakage from walls and take it directly to the interior waterproofing system. 



We will install expansion joints that are designed to safely absorb temperature-induced expansion and contraction of construction materials.

Exterior Drainage Systems

We can install an exterior drainage system to assist with diverting water away from your foundation. These systems are virtually maintenance free. 



From driveways, sidewalks, to basement floors, we can create a new concrete slab to suit your needs. We can, also, cut your concrete with our diamond blade saw.

Waterproof Flooring

We can install vinyl waterproof flooring instead of that boring concrete look. These can withstand moisture and water which makes it perfect for basements!

Foundation Pier System

If you have issues with settling, we can install helical and/or push piers to get your foundation back to where it should be. This system will keep your foundation from sagging.

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