Frequently Asked Questions

Is this online training?

Yes, this is a 12 Weeks Transformation Program with online app training. With over 1000 successful transformation, many have came back for more!

Am I able to exercise from home or must I work out at a gym?

Yes, the program is flexible and convinent for you to workout anywhere

Can I cancel my subscription

Yes, you can cancel anytime. Just need to contact our customer support and we will process for you. Once you cancel, the subscription for the month will still be deducted.

What is the 12 Weeks Transformation?

Our 12 Weeks Body Transformation Program App Training compromise of hand-picked, customized workout and nutrition that is effective for you to stay fit. We take learning style, relevant fitness history and personal goals that is specially tailored for the training. After which, you can progress and unlock different level with us exclusively through the app

How does the training works?

We periodize your body training cycle into a 12 Weeks Program. Our personal trainers and researchers have specifically tailored the program consisting, effective workout, nutrition and SMR(Self-myofascial release) that is demystify by health science and training datas that convert absolute success for the clients. All you have to do is get started!

Is there anyone I can ask for questions

Yes! Our personal trainer are there to help you with your enquiries. Just have to message them through the app. We will be there for you!

Is DesireFit App safe and secure to use

Yes. All our payments are processed by Stripe. Our team is committed to making sure everything is completely secure at all times. We don’t keep credit or debit card informations. Our customer safety is the top piority!